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13th Dec, 2018

Sol a Gogo offers families the ideal holidays for those who like to cycle are there are vast numbers cycle paths to explore you can cycle safely along the coast by coastal route or through the forests.The Vendee department is the perfect destination for those families looking for a cycling holiday. Those using the ferry can bring bikes with them. This area of France has cycle tracks for miles. The authorities began to develop the areas cycling network way back in 1995, and it has now grown to over 1100 kilometers and has become the the largest cycling network in France. Always of concern was your safety when these were being developed and this will become obvious when you get to use them. Always ensuring maximum safety the cycle paths have dedicated tracks or little used roads, with signage specially for the cyclist. However you must remain vigiliant on roads used by vehicles at some intersections. Visit or ask your Hello France courier on Sol a Gogo for more information

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